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Self Funded

This option is for those who wish to self fund.

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No Student Loans & Scholarships

Unfortunately this isn't an option for international students.

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You must be 18 or over to finish and hold a CPL.

The minimum entry level is an IELTS level 5.5 or higher. Candidates who don’t have a score of 5.5 in any of the bands will need to enrol in an English course then sit the IELTS or equivalent English test.

You must be capable of holding a CASA Class 1 medical.

The Symbiotics ADAPT assessment must be completed and passed prior to commencing your enrolment. The assessment is at a cost to you of AUD$220 and takes approximately two hours to complete.

An ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card) will be required, we will help you apply once you have arrived in Australia. The cost is included in your course fee.

A Student Visa (Sub Class 500) is required to train in Australia. We can provide assistance with the application.

Unfortunately, we do not have any loans, scholarships, funding or financial assistance that we can offer international students.

Important Information

  • AWA is a Registered Training organization (RTO) in the state of Queensland.
  • AWA is a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider. This allows us to bring international students into Australia on an extended visa. As an RTO / CRICOS registered body we are subject to many additional audits and requirements over and above those imposed on non registered school by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). This has led to us developing a very complex matrix of competencies in order to satisfy all of the regulators allowing us to quickly reconstruct the program to satisfy the special requirements of international students.
  • AWA is AIATA approved.
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