You must be 18 or over to finish and hold a CPL.

A minimum of Year 12 or equivalent is recommended to keep up with the work load, however this is not mandatory. See our FAQ for more information including recommended subjects.

You must hold a CASA Class 1 medical certificate to commence your training.

The Symbiotics ADAPT assessment must be completed and passed prior to commencing your enrolment. The assessment would be at a cost to you of $220 and takes approximately two hours to complete.

Available to Australian residents and citizens.

You must hold an ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card) during your training.

If you want a VET Student Loan and are an Australian citizen please visit the link below.

VET Student Loan

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Course Schedule

Gold Coast

18th January 2022 (CPL)

21st March 2022 (CPL)

16th May 2022 (CPL)

11th July 2022 (CPL)

5th September 2022 (CPL)

10th January 2022 (MEIR)

18th March 2022 (MEIR)


17th January 2022 (CPL)

14th March 2022 (CPL)

9th May 2022 (CPL)

4th July 2022 (CPL)

29th August 2022 (CPL)