Entry Pathways

Self Funded

For those funding the cost of the course themselves.

Self Funded Entry

VET Student Loan

For those who want to apply for a VET Student Loan.

VET Student Loan Entry

Course Schedule

Gold Coast

23rd January 2023 (CPL)

27th March 2023 (CPL)

29th May 2023 (CPL)

24th July 2023 (CPL)

18th September 2023 (CPL)

23rd January 2023 (MEIR)

6th March 2023 (MEIR)


16th January 2023 (CPL)

6th March 2023 (CPL)

1st May 2023 (CPL)

26th June 2023 (CPL)

21st August 2023 (CPL)

16th October 2023 (CPL)