Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

Gateway to the airlines. All flights in our twin engine DA42. Top tier instruction.

12 weeks. Learn to fly in challenging conditions, but on instruments.

CRICOS Number: 0101218

Your Flight Hours

Approx total training hours

Approx dual training hours

Approx synthetic trainer hours


AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation
(Instrument Rating)


All new technology multi-engine time, not even one second in a single.

1-4 Hour Flights

Plus pre-flight briefing of up to an hour and a post-flight debrief.

IREX & Theory

Comprehensive ground school theory classes including IREX.

Venture Above

Train on G1000 all-glass cockpits plus you’ll learn on traditional analogue instruments. The full-motion Redbird FMX makes simulation and flying happen seamlessly.  

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Jeppesen Charts

You learn using Jeppesen instrument charts, maps and documents. The standard all over the world.

2D & 3D Approaches

You get qualified on more instrument approach procedures. ILS. RNAV. LOC. VOR. DGA.

All Inclusive

All flights with instructor time, briefings, landings and airways charges, textbook, navigation equipment, maps, charts plus your IREX theory exam and flight test.