Commercial Pilot Licence

The golden ticket to aviation. This is your licence to fly.

Experience matters. 25% more flight hours than most schools. You will need more than just a qualification to succeed.

CRICOS Number: 0101168

Your Flight Hours

Approx total training hours

Approx solo flight hours

Approx dual training hours

Approx synthetic trainer hours


AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation
(Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)

200 Hours

More experience. More employable. Hours are everything.

1-4 Hour Flights

Plus pre-flight briefing of up to an hour and a post-flight debrief.

Employer Guarantee

Pass a checkride that we have put you up for, or we will cover the employer's cost for that flight.

Don't Dream, Do

Be the commercially ready pilot employers want. We asked them and then made the best course for you.

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Ground School

Full ground school theory classes, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), Private Pilot Licence (PPL) plus all 7 Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) subjects.


All planned flights, instructor time, briefings, ground school, landings and airways charges, textbooks, navigation equipment, maps, charts and your initial sitting of theory exams and flight test.

15 Months Duration

A full time 15 month course with a minimum of 200 flight hours. Successful students will receive the (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) CASA Commercial Pilot Licence.

Course Schedule

Gold Coast

28th June 2021 (CPL)

23rd August 2021 (CPL)

18th October 2021 (CPL)

29th November 2021 (CPL)

10th January 2022 (CPL)

12th July 2021 (MEIR)

23rd August 2021 (MEIR)


21st June 2021 (CPL)

16th August 2021 (CPL)

11th October 2021 (CPL)