Cessna 172R

PPL Phase

Where your training begins.

Ask any Pilot about a Cessna 172 and they’ll know what you’re talking about. This iconic plane has been in production for over 60 years for a very good reason. Almost everyone in the industry has flown, trained or worked on a 172. They are a rugged, tough, safe and reliable aircraft, which is why we think they are essential for any new pilot to learn on.

Diamond DA40

CPL Phase

Transition once you have your PPL.

The Diamond DA40 is cutting edge. It features a fully integrated Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and single-lever engine power control. This aircraft is not only packed with modern technology but is a proven and incredibly safe machine. Up front is a turbocharged, four-cylinder engine capable of running on diesel or jet fuel with an automatic constant speed propeller.

Diamond DA42


For the instrument rating.

The Diamond DA42 is very similar to the DA40 except for its second engine. The familiar layout makes transitioning from the single-engine DA40 efficient and simple. Used for IFR and multi-engine training, this aircraft is a great platform. The DA42 also features retractable landing gear and advanced auto-pilot.

Redbird FMX


For the instrument rating.

The Redbird FMX 1000 is a full motion synthetic trainer. It closely replicates the Diamond DA42 and is used during the IFR and multi-engine training.

Alsim AL250

All Phases

For instrument flying skills.

The Alsim AL250 is a leading edge synthetic trainer used at various checkpoints during training to learn and perfect instrument flying skills.